Where you could save hundreds of thousands on Sydney property by moving one station away

Did you know that you could save thousands by moving just one station up the train line? A recent Domain.com.au article outlined how savvy property purchasers are investigating apartments just one stop away, which had saved them thousands on their home purchase. The article notes that the most pronounced difference is between Chatswood and North Ryde. Now, with the new North Ryde Metro commencing services the two suburbs are even closer together – with trains from North Ryde to Chatswood every 4 mins during peak hour and 15 trains per hour there is no need for a timetable. But don’t take our word for it. 

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Ryde Garden Childcare Now Open

Kids Planet Academy features a beautifully landscaped indoor and semioutdoor environment for children to safely play and explore. The interiors of the Centre are equipped to the highest standards, including learning materials for children’s different ages, stages of development, and interests. Healthy, nutritious meals and snacks are prepared by professional catering services using fresh and seasonal produce; carefully selected to support your child’s growth, development, and energy levels throughout the day.

Ryde Garden is one of a kind

Parramatta may have been heralded as Sydney’s fastest-growing residential hotspot but North Ryde has become the overachiever — and those looking to get a foot in the door need look no further than Ryde Garden.
The new North Ryde Metro station sits at the doorstep of the project, meaning residents are just one stop away from thriving Chatswood and Macquarie Park and travel to and from the city will be seamless.

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