3 Bedroom Apartments Special Offer Promotion Terms and Conditions

PromotionRyde Garden Residential Project
PromoterBGY North Ryde Pty Ltd
ABN: 83 166 083 343
Address: Suite 7.02, Level 7,
207 Kent Street, Sydney 2000
Tel: 02 9283 8388
Participation – generalParticipation in the Promotion is available to: <ul
  • (a) single person participants
  • (b) multiple person participants; and
  • (c) entity participants.
  • Promotional Period:9am AEST/AEDT on 10th September 2019 to the earlier of:
    • (a) 11:59pm AEST/AEDT on 31 October 2019; and
    • (b) the time and date on which contracts of sale have been entered for all the Qualifying Apartments
    How to participateTo participate in the Promotion, each participant must:

    (a) during the Promotional Period:

    • (i) enter into a contract of sale for a Qualifying Apartment; and
    • (ii) pay the full deposit required under such contract of sale;

    (b) comply with the terms of such contract of sale at all times and without default;

    (c) complete such contract of sale in accordance with its terms;

    (d) pay stamp duty on such contract in full and provide evidence of payment on or prior to completion; and

    (e) not extend or delay, or attempt to extend or delay, settlement of such contract of sale.

    Qualifying Apartments 3 Bedroom residential apartments available for purchase during the Promotional Period at Ryde Garden Residential Project by Country Garden, details of which are in Annexure A. Qualifying Apartment is only available until sold.
    Incentive(s)The incentive up to a maximum of $100,000 (including GST) comprising two parts:
    1) price reduction of 4% off the listing price;
    2) stamp duty reimbursement up to a maximum of $50,000.
    The price reduction will be applied to the purchase price payable by the participant to the Promoter under the relevant contract of sale.
    To receive the stamp duty reimbursement, the Participant must pay stamp duty on the relevant contract of sale in full and provide evidence of such payment on or prior to completion of the contract. The Promoter will pay the reimbursement within 30 days after completion of the contract to the Participant’s nominated bank account. The Incentive is not a rebate and it is a reimbursement.
    Are there limitations on Incentives?There is only one Incentive available for each contract of sale. Where a participant is a multiple person participant, (that is, where more than one person is noted as the buyer or purchaser on the relevant contract of sale), then the Incentive will be offered jointly to all such persons.
    Participants who:
    • a. as at the start of the Promotional Period, have an accepted or exchanged contract of sale for a residential apartment within a Ryde Garden residential development participating in the Promotion; and
    • b. during the Promotional Period, cancel or terminate such contract of sale,
    are not eligible to receive an Incentive.

    Participants should pay particular attention to:

    General Terms and Conditions

    • 1.
      Information on how to participate in the Promotion and Incentive details form part of these terms and conditions.
    • 2.
      By participating in the Promotion, participants accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions include the Schedule above.
    • 3.
      Participants must comply with these terms and conditions to participate in the Promotion.
    • 4.
      Where there is an inconsistency between the Schedule and the General Terms and Conditions , the Schedule will prevail.
    • 5.
      To participate in the Promotion, each participant must comply with the ‘How to Participate’ section of the Schedule.
    • 6.
      The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant who has:
    • (a)
      provided incomplete, indecipherable and/or offensive material as part of their participation in the Promotion,
    • (b)
      breached any of these terms and conditions; and/or
    • (c)
      contravened any applicable laws or regulations or otherwise engaged in unlawful or improper conduct.
    • 7.
      The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected communications.
    • 8.
      Each Incentive is not transferrable, exchangeable.
    • 9.
      If any Incentive is unavailable for reasons beyond the Promoter’s control, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Incentive with an incentive of equal or greater monetary value. This right is subject to any applicable legislation, regulations or directions from a regulatory authority.
    • 10.
      All taxes (excluding GST, if any) which may be payable as a consequence of receiving an Incentive are the sole responsibility of each participant.
    • 11.
      The participant’s use of the Incentive is entirely at their own risk. Before the Incentive is provided, the receiver of the Incentive may be required to sign an agreement to release the Promoter from and indemnify the Promoter against any liability arising from or in connection with the Incentive.
    • 12.
      Each eligible participant during the Promotional Period will receive an Incentive.
    • 13.
      The eligibility of participants to receive the Incentive is solely within the discretion of the Promoter


    The Promoter reserves the right to vary the terms of, or cancel, the Promotion at any time without liability to any participant or other person, subject to applicable laws.


    Country Garden Australia Unit Number(s)
    Ryde Garden Residential Project by Country Garden A2307, B005 and B013